Al Lucas
Vice President, Member since inception.

Jest Sidloski

Our founder

Dan Sims
2017 President. Member 2 Years

mission & vision

To give back while having fun! A low commitment brings large value to Central Alberta.

Foundation History


2014- Idea Is Born

2015 - First Meeting. $10,600 to Red Deer Food Bank. Jest Sidloski & Justin Hubert Co President.
In 2015, 100 Men donated; $10,600 Food Bank, $10,000 CAANS, $9,500 CNIB, $8,500 Dery Wang. Total: $38,600

2016 - Jeff Rocks Serves President

2017 - Dan Sims Serves As President

recent Donations
Dreams Take Flight, Red Deer branch. 

our leadership team

Jest Sidloski

Jest started the concept work for this chapter in December of 2014 after talking to his friend in Lloyd who was going to start the same thing in that city. A few tweets and a couple weeks later, their first meeting saw over 115 men. Red Deer has always been a community of heart and giving back- the idea was easy and a great thing was born. Red Deer Men Give A Damn! Jest elected a group to run the organization going forward, and that team elects a new President ever year. 

Be A Man Who Gives A Damn!

Giving Back

$100 just 4 times a year makes a massive community impact. 

Eric Tiessen
Member since inception.

Konstantin Neykurs
Member since inception.